I want to do an internship and/or a diploma thesis at ANDATA. What are the requirements?

For an internship at ANDATA nothing else is needed than a clear head, no fear of mathematics and programming, and enthusiasm for new technologies.

A corresponding study with some lectures in Computational Intelligence, Data Mining, and/or Simulation is beneficial but not necessarily obligatory.

Programming skills are a must, best in MATLAB, Python, Perl, or C.

Minimum time period for an intership is 3 months. Less only makes few sense, if attractive content is expected.

If you want to be specially prepared, following exemplary books can be used for introduction:

  • Frank, Witten: Data Mining
  • Bishop: Pattern Recogniction and Machine Learning
  • Russel, Norvig: Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach
  • Thrun, Burgard, Fox: Probabilistic Robotics
  • Kelly: Out of Control
  • ...


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