Which licensing options are available for the software?

The ANDATA software and development tools are available in form of

  • a user based license,
  • a machine based license,
  • a SME license for organisational units up to 250 users,
  • an industry license for enterprizes.

Following license types can be selected:


A buying license allows the use of the purchased software version for unlimited time. The buying license includes maintenance and support for one year.


The maintenance license allows upgrading to to the most current software versions within the maintenance period. The upgraded versions can be used for unlimited time then.

Maintenance requires the purchase of a buying license once and can be extended on yearly base.


A rental license is restricted to the time period of the rent. The most current software versions can be used within the rental period. Rent does not require buying a license.

The different software tools can be purchased individually or in form of packages with reduced bundle prices.

Financial offers and prizing can be requested from sales@andata.at.


Last update on 2016-12-26 by Andreas Kuhn.

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