Automotive Safety

An extensive and successful deployment of the technologies delivered by ANDATA has been achieved in the field of automotive safety under the title KISS (Key competence Integral Safety Systems). Together with the leading European automotive manufacturers, we have defined a new process - from the consistent definition of functional requirements, the quick development and validation of functional control algorithms to the implementation in embedded code - with the full utilization of the method's advantages.

The range of applications includes

  • control of passenger restraint systems for the reduction of crash consequences,
  • autonomous emergency brakes and warning systems for avoidance and mitigation of collisions,
  • connected systems with Car2Car and Car2X communication for the avoidance of dangerous situations

as well as the optimal, integral development and validation of the combined system-of-systems.

Features & Advantages

The consistent combination of the relevant technologies within the given development process

  • allows an extremely quick and efficient development of new systems,
  • leads to the early identification and resolution of conflicts in the functional requirements,
  • provides the best functionality with respect to the given requirements,
  • is extremely quick in the adoption to new operational conditions and requirements,
  • guarantees a conform, robust and reproducible process,
  • ...


ANDATA's activities in the field of automotive safety have brought

  • the 2nd place at Salzburg's Innovation Award 2007 and
  • the nomination for the Austrian State Award Consulting 2008.

In the year 2009 the Audi Electronics Venture GmbH and ANDATA founded the joint venture Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH, which is responsible for the series development and broad commercialisation of ANDATA's approaches in the field of automotive safety within the Volkswagen Group. In autumn 2020 the Volkswagen software organisation CARIAD took over the shares from Audi, retaining the ANDATA shares. Afterwards the joint venture has been renamed into VAIVA GmbH.