Failure and Damage Prediction

Modeling the behaviour of complex materials and joining techniques is major part of the Finite Element Method for light weight design in structural mechanics and in engineering generally.

A further application is predictive maintenance, where servicing is done dependent on real loads and operational conditions with the help of virtual sensors.

Already in the year 2006 ANDATA began the use of

for the prediction of material and component failure and damage within the research project CoMModO (Complex Material Modeling Operations). Since then the methods have steadily been used, refined, and extended in various forms.


  • Design of Experiments and evaluation of representative load and test cases for modeling the failures and damages
  • Automated quality assurance and verification of material and component tests
  • Identification and prediction of relevant material parameters
  • Modeling and simulation of complex material and component behaviours and failure/damage modes
  • Model validation and robustness assessment


CoMModO has been a joint research project of ANDATA, the Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics from the Technical University Vienna, 3DS SIMULIA, and BMW group. The project was supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Autrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, And Technology under the initiation "ModSim Computational Mathematics" within the program "Research, Innovation and Technology in Information Technology". The project CoMModO has been awarded as the best project within the program line in 2010.

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