Open Master Thesis

Evaluation and Analysis of Motorcycle Fleet Data


For a number of new and future motorcycle assistance systems, one needs the onboard analysis and classification or prediction of the driver behaviors. The development of such models can primarily be done only empirically. For this purpose, data from different fleets and test drives are to be  evaluated systematically and investigated in this work. The evaluations should be done with the help of special methods from the field of Artificial Intelligence.

ANDATA has more than 15 years of experience in developing and safeguarding of complex vehicle safety systems, as well as in the application of Artificial Intelligence for vehicle development. The work is carried out in cooperation with ANDATA and a leading European motorcycle manufacturer.


  • Requirements analysis, collocation of relevant scenarios and data
  • Development and implementation of appropriate control and prediction models
  • Implementation and evaluation of simulations for the development and evaluation of concept ideas
  • Prototypical implementation
  • Implementation / Support of test drives


  • Good mathematics and/or mechanics/kinematics/driving dynamics knowledge
  • Experience in MATLAB and/or good programming skills
  • Knowledge of communication technologies is beneficial
  • Team, integration and cooperation skills
  • Joy and enthusiasm for new technologies and motorcycles


Andreas Kuhn
5400 Hallein, Hallburgstraße 5
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