Open Master Thesis

Implementation and Test of Different Traffic Control Strategies


ANDATA is one of the leading Austrian engineering offices for the application of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in technical product development.

Within our activities in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems for traffic and infrastructure control solutions we are currently developing a new approachfor the control of traffic flows, which are able to adapt themself in a best possible way for the particular traffic situation with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Herefore some new control approaches should be implemented and tested in simulation for certain problems in traffic management.


  • Implementation of different traffic control strategies in the traffic simulation models
  • Execution and management of the traffic simulations
  • Rating of the different traffic control strategies and illustration of the dependencies with respect to the various control targets


  • Good skills in mathematics (Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistics)
  • Knowledge in simulation are benficial
  • MATLAB- and/or basic programing skills
  • Enthusiasm and joy with new technologies


Dr. Andreas Kuhn
Hallburgstraße 5
5400 Hallein
Tel.: +43 6245 74063

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