CAE and AI with commodo and the FEM Operations Toolbox at NAFEMS

For more than 15 years now, ANDATA has been working on the combined application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) under the title commodo (complex modelling and simulation operations, see failure prediction). Long a niche topic for experts and innovators, it is now on the threshold of entering the mainstream.

With the FEM Operations Toolbox, ANDATA is now providing an enabler for the direct application of AI and machine learning methods on and in finite element simulations, in particular crash simulation.

We present field reports and application examples at the NAFEMS conference on October 24th, 2023 in Munich.

We are firmly convinced that the combination of CAE with AI, among other things, is a major milestone in the development of future vehicle safety systems on the way to VisionZero. And this applies both to

  • improved and realistic simulation in product development as well as
  • in primary simulation-based system validation and product approval.

For more information, come to the NAFEMS event on October 24th or contact us directly.

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