FEM-Power in VERONET Net Control

ANDATA together with the University of Technology have been awarded a FemPower funding from the Vienna Business Agency!

The supported project for the development of network control algorithms in the context traffic automation within VERONET contains all ingredients to become a real "multi-win-constellation":

  • "our" PhD candidate Elvira Thonhofer can make a mark on one of ANDATA's most challenging topics,
  • ANDATA increases "FEM-POWER" within it's technical development,
  • ANDATA increases it's effort by consequently filling up the VERONET construction kit for traffic automation,
  • the existing partnership of ANDATA with the University of Technology Vienna is further extended and tightened,
  • the Vienna Business Agency is boosting an aspiring high tech office in its own city,
  • the city of Vienna gains access to innovative solution concepts for traffic on the way to a Smart City.

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