First ANDATA Presentation in the Martime Domain for Automated Mooring of Ships and Yachts

For some time now, ANDATA has been researching and developing in the field of autonomous/automated ships, in particular on fully automated maneuvering in ports and narrow environments for the automatic mooring of ships and yachts as well as collision avoidance.

At the Autonomous Ship Expo 2021, ANDATA made its first public appearance in the maritime domain as original inventor of automated ship/yacht mooring.

In the automation of shipping, the methodological approach of ANDATA by means of scenario management in combination with artificial intelligence and stochastic simulations is sometimes even more important than in automotive vehicle development. How autonomous/automated ships and yachts can be developed and safeguarded effectively and efficiently and thus essential experience from the extensive automation efforts in the automotive industry in recent years can be accessed and transferred by asking ANDATA directly.

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