Successful Completion of the Project Metrics: Anomalies Detection and Failure Prediction in the Railway Sector

Together with Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH and Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, ANDATA successfully completed the R&D project Metrics. The project aimed to use virtual sensors for the detection of anomalies and faults in the railway chassis as well as in the rails and thus to be able to predict the failure of components for predictive maintenance applications at an early stage on the basis of the existing acceleration sensors.

ANDATA succeeded in extending the already available data- and model-based approaches of the expert system, as implemented in the Expectator, to the field of railways and thus repeatedly confirming the universality and pragmatism of the existing, AI-based solutions.

We are pleased about the cooperation with the railway community in Graz and look forward to implementations and further developments in various follow-up projects and equivalent implementations.

If you are interested in further details, please consult or meet the project partners at the GRITLab in October 2021 in Graz.

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