Privacy Declaration

As Data Mining company we know intensively about the must for diligent handling of customer data. Accordingly we try to keep the amount of personalized data as small as possible. Nevertheless some data is necessary to assure the quality of our services. Here we describe briefly our actual procedures with respect to personalized data from customers and visitors.

Login Section

The login section is used for the authenticated access of authorized users to download the software packages and extensions. The data will only be used for accessing the download area and other protected content of the website. The accounts will be deleted latest a few month after expiration of the license agreement.

The user behaviour of authorized visitors is occasionally inspected for detection and avoidance of illegal intrusions and attacks.

Support Requests

Support requests are captured and electronically handled by an issue tracking system. If you want to prohibit such, please clearly indicate at the beginning of the conversation.


ANDATA does not provide newsletters or similar active forms of automated, direct advertisements. If you want to stay informed anyhow, please subscribe to the RSS feeds at News and Blogs. Alternatively you can follow us in various social media (e.g. at Linkedin).

Usage of Cookies

This website is using cookies. These are only used for webstatistics to improve the usability of the website. No data is handed to 3rd parties and no 3rd party services are used.