Products & Solutions

The functionality of many modern, complex systems is first of all determined by embedded software and control algorithms.

Beside the described services, the main product of ANDATA is a integral development process respectively a product development machinery for the efficient and effective development and validation of complex, technical systems and products, especially their "intelligent" control algorithms.

This "production line" respectively the underlying integral development process allow an extremely quick realization and implementation of control and decision algorithms for complex systems and functions, beginning with the raw product idea going to functional prototypes, ending up with a series ready product.

The integral development process can be used for the development of customer products or be imlempented at customer site for own developments.

Application specific solutions

For various domains of application also the resulting products are offered in addition to the "production line" for "intelligent" control algorithms itself.

Generic modules

The development process as well as the given application examples are utilizing a set of generic modules, which can be applied to arbitrary new fields of application:

All these products of course can be customized and adapted to specific requirements. Also the necessary services will be delivered accordingly, as they are needed.


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