Fleet Data and Connected Mobility

A lot of connected systems like vehicles, smartphones, fitness trackers, actioncams, etc. are equipped with GPS devices, which enable an easy tracking and analysis of motio data.

In the case that numerous users are connected to a fleet, a lot of useful information and models can be retrieved from the data:

  • The behavioural patterns from traffic participants help to deduce new, performant advanced drive systems.
  • The identification of especially good and bad behavioural patterns (for example with respect to energy efficiency, traffic efficiency,…) helps for the continuous improvement of according control systems.
  • The data can be used as virtual sensor for the identification of the local and global traffic situations.
  • The data can be used as fundament for the development of predictive maintenance applications.
  • ...

Beside the according application experience ANDATA has many available ready-made solutions, for a quick, specific evaluation and analysis of fleet data with arbitrary size. Furthermore a broad spectrum of methods is available for the proper consideration aspects for anonymization, data efficiency, analysis capabilities in development, implementation and steady improvement during operations.

Particularly it is almost always a matter of deduce the least data volume for optimal and safe decisions in the according application.

The offered solutions of course are generic in a way that these can also be applied in any application for the Internet of Things.