Quality Statement

ANDATA's goal is to help shape the world for the better by enabling, improving and accelerating innovation, technological development, discovery and learning in engineering with a focus on safety and automation.

In particular, ANDATA strives to make robotics, automotive development, and the mobility of the future safer, more effective and more efficient through the use of modern technologies and tools of systems theory such as simulation and data-based methods, Soft-Computing as well as Artificial Intelligence for connected, cooperative, (partially) automated driving and traffic automation.

This includes the reduction of fatalities and injuries as well as the efficient and effective design of traffic and material flows in passenger and freight transport as well as in industrial automation to achieve environmental, climate and safety goals.

These ambitious targets automatically imply the intrinsic need for quality and sustainability in all developments and activities.

Despite the urge for innovation and technical excellence in the best possible solutions and products for us and our customers, we mainly rely on proven processes, methods and tools, so that new and innovative methods of artificial intelligence are combined optimally with traditional engineering approaches and knowledge.

Technically this is done by application of an integral development process including simulation and data-based approaches for the development, analysis, validation, and adaption of complex systems.

Organizationally the quality objectives are ensured in a way that ANDATA has implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which is continuously reviewed and constantly refined and improved.

Personnally the whole thing is underpinned  by the experience and expertise of the individual, highly qualified employees, who are constantly developing, continuously improving and usually significantly exceeding the state of the art on the basis of the challenging tasks.

The management board is directly responsible for the execution of this quality strategy, which is commited by all employees.