Scenario Management

Complex systems cannot, by their very nature, be fully captured and treated by purely analytical thinking, reductionist approaches or individual expert knowledge.

The successful treatment of such systems is primarily carried out by scenario-, data- respectively example-based approaches and methods. The (desired) system behaviour is examined and analysed using exemplary scenarios and data from simulations or from real (test) cases.

Depending on the degree of complexity, not only a few but thousands or millions of cases of exemplary scenarios and possible use cases of the system are compiled and examined as a whole e.g. with data mining procedures and effectiveness assessment.


Scenario management includes the overall process from design of experiments, data generation, data composition, plausibilization and quality assurance of the data, analysis & evaluation, improvement and adaptation of the systems and iterative improvement.

Tools & References

The ANDATA tools not only include scenario-based development, evaluation and validation of integral vehicle safety systems, but can be applied to all sub-functions of automated driving on land, air and water as well as overall traffic automation.

Scenario management is a core element of ANDATA's integral development process.


ANDATA optionally provides Scenario Management as a Service.