The SceneInspector is a software environment for the definition, execution and maintenance of multistage stochastic simulations (so called "Incremental Probabilistic Simulation").


  • Purpose
  • Features
  • Architecture

Stochastic simulation can either be used for the explorative analysis of complex systems as well as for the quantitative calculation of probability distributions in nonlinear systems. The SceneInspector can do both in common. Hereby SceneInspector delivers the fundamental data sets for the development, calibration, and safeguarding of control algorithms for complex systems.

That way the SceneInspector is the basic tool for

  • example based requirements definition respectively usecase based specification of functions respectively scenario based approaches,
  • the calculation of probabilistic decision variables like risks, danger levels, collision probability, traffic qualities, traffic jam probability, nonlinear stability measures,...
  • the development of "intelligent" control algorithms with Bayesian approaches,
  • the simulation based calibration of virtual sensors,
  • the experimental design with the identification of the relevant and reproducible test cases,
  • the robustness assessment and functional validation of complex systems.
  • Generation of comprehensive simulation data for scenario management of complex systems
  • Definition and execution of multi-level stochastic simulation for the sub-simulation of different assumption
  • Partially automated generation of scenarios
  • Simulation manager for the execution of distributed simulation at a workstation cluster
  • Integration of various simulation systems
    • vehicle dynamic simulations
    • traffic simulations
      • micro simulations
      • macro simulations
    • product simulation
    • ...


The SceneInspector is a MATLAB toolbox, which controls other simulation programs by their external interface.

For scenario sampling the SceneInspector requires the

from The Mathworks Inc.

In addition further programs are necessary for the simulation of the investigated systems, which are controlles by specific simulation engines.

Such simulation engines are available amongst other for

  • PC-Crash from the company DSD,
  • VISSIM from the company PTV,
  • sumo from the DLR,
  • CarMaker from the company IPG,
  • ...

Information about further available simulation engines can be requested from Normally new simulation engines can be implemented quickly by ANDATA for arbitrary simulation software.

The simulation results are prepared by SceneInspector in a way, that these can be processed and propagated by Stipulator directly and easily.

MATLAB is registered trademark of The Mathworks, Inc.