ANDATA delivers development technologies and support in the developoment and safeguarding of complex systems and solutions in the form of:

Engineering Services

  • Realization of development projects using the described technologies, e.g. the development of "intelligent" control systems like automated driving and traffic automation systems.
  • Development and adaptation of soft computing methods to customer needs and implementation of the desired methods in the development and decision process.
  • Execution of data mining studies and extended analysis of huge data sets, coming from arbitrary sources like comprehensive tests, simulations, and/or operation recordings.



  • Development and distribution of our own MATLAB-based software package for the requirement-driven development and validation of "intelligent" control systems and comprehensive scenario management.
  • Adaptation and implementation of data mining software and methods to the particular development and work environments of the customer.
  • Development and implementation of functional software (components) for
    • "intelligent" control systems,
    • process automation, and
    • automated decision support systems.

Training Courses

Technology Licensing