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Anouncement Stipulator 4.0

by Simon Sigl

We are working hard on the new Stipulator 4.0. This major release will bring several improvements:

  • Unified treatment of Numbers, Categories, Links, and Text fields will be implemented. These non-time-series data types are referred to as Attributes. Among other advantages, this reduces the number of main menu items.
  • Data model for time-series (signals/channels) and non-time-series (attributes) data is unified.
  • Attributes can be loaded from data files and are made available in filter functions of the SignalStructure-Toolbox. This improves traceability of non-time-series data, i.e. its source and all the manipulations are documented and reproducible in a Stipulator-project.

These features will improve not only Stipulators flexibility but also its usability. Before releasing version 4.0, there will be a last stable release with version 3, which will be further supported with patches. New features will be made available primarily in version 4. Due to the use of newer object oriented features in MATLAB, the new version will require MATLAB R2011a or newer to run.

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