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Distributed Computation in SceneInspector

by Markus Lauterbacher

SceneInspector now allows to distribute the calculation of the simulations in the local network. A client-server solutions has been implemented with the help of Java TCP sockets for that. The server as well as the client can directly be started by a SceneInspetor menu item.

The server component manages the selected scenarios and situations as jobs in an according queue. The overall simulation progress can be observed from the server. A table provides information about the overall progress, client-assignments, runtime and job states.

Clients only need the IP address of the server for initialization. A client fetches open jobs one after each other and works them off. The number of clients is not limited. All simulation settings including paths from the server project will be sent to the client automatically.

The advantages of the new, automated job distribution are:

  • There is a dramatically reduction in the effort of the job distribution especially for huge projects with a lot of scenarios and situations to simulate.
  • A fair distribution of the job loads was not possible before, because the necessary simulation effort and performance of the various clients cannot always be estimated precisely a priori by the server. Now the clients fetch new jobs one after each other as long as they have free resources and still some jobs are to be worked off.
  • A central monitoring of the overall simulation progress and possible failures can be done easily.

The solution is available for all SceneInspector revisions above 993.

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