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New Implementation of Actions in Stipulator

by Toni Palau

When using Stipulator as preprocessor for signal classification and data labeling, actions are one of its key entities. Actions are a convenient way to shape labels for a Stipulator case by means of trigger times. Stipulator offers many options to define, modify and process those trigger times.

With the upcoming Fall Release 5.1, we have thoroughly rebuilt the internal implementation of actions in Stipulator. From now on, actions are a new type of attribute which, like the current Numbers, Categories, Links, etc. are accessible at several steps in the workflow. In this way, the calculation and manipulation steps for actions can now be (potentially) saved in the Stipulator project, which improves the traceability of the results. In addition, it is also easier to support alternative encoding options for actions and create label channels from them.

No external interfaces for actions have been changed, which means our users can continue to work in the usual manner with actions both through the user interface and programmatically.  All known menu items and functions are still available. Nonetheless, in addition to a great deal of flexibility when working with actions in processing data, a significant speedup in all functions that deal with actions has been achieved. This is especially noticeable when using Plain time series extraction to extract labeled data to be further processed, for example, by Brainer.

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