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New look & feel of ANDATA tools

by Reinhard Kaiser

Our tools have grown during more than 10 years in practical use. New functions where added over the years, to provide the best and fastest data mining results with our tools.

Besides functionality in version 4.0 we also analysed the differences in our tools usability. We hope to provide now a more intuitive and less complex user interface in all our tools. We streamlined all GUIs as well as menus, toolbars, figure titles and menu structures. For instance in each tool the work flow is mapped from left to right in either menu or toolbar icons. Additionally every tool has an own and fresh icon.

Another new feature is a generic GUI to provide the same look and feel for our various selection GUIs in all our tools. The main elements are:

  • Buttons to add ( + ) and remove ( - ) list items left below a list
  • Right beside the list appropriate buttons (|<, <, >, >|) for reordering
  • Additional and special functionalities are found behind button ...
  • Some GUIs also provide a search field at the top of selection lists
  • The X button clears the entered search string
  • OK and Cancel are always positioned on the bottom right

As an example the dialogue to edit groups in Stipulator (Groups > Edit...) is shown:

We hope these improvements and unifications help to provide an easier access to our tools (Lächeln)

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