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Processing of Sensor Data from Wireshark Logfiles in Stipulator

by Philip Eder

A lot of sensor vendors like Velodyne, IBEO, and similar ones provide ethernet interfaces for their sensors. This enables an easy way to record a huge amount of sensor data in Wireshark format. Further the ethernet format becomes more and more established for numerous different sensors types, enabling the recording of different sensors in one single environment.

The new function ssReadPCAP can be used in Stipulator for direct reading and analysing recorded data streams from Wireshark.

Some of the most important features the new ssReadWireshark function are:

  • processing of tcip and udp data streams
  • configurable "chunk size" for the processing of huge data files
  • filtering of IP adresses

ssInterpretVelodyneData will be a further function within the Stipulator package, which interprets, arranges and extracts the data of the Velodyne sensor from the byteStream channel of ssReadPCAP.

The new functionality is first available for selected projects and customers for testing. Very soon it will be integrated and distributed in the according toolboxes.

Questions concerning earlier availablity should be send to

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