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Release Notes 4.2

by Daniel Lämmerhofer

With version 4.2 the ANDATA tools include i.a. the following new features.


  • Requirements are called Cases now
  • Data linkage in matrix plot (MATLAB-Brush → Select data)
  • New file formats can be read in (.log and .gpx)
  • Modified footer


  • Definition of several input feature sets possible
  • Opportunity to have several model types in one project file
  • Integration of new model types (e.g. Stacked Autoencoders)
  • New plot (Postprocessing > Single model > Time of Classification relative per group)

A detailed blog regarding the changes in Brainer can be found here.


  • Improvement and unification of the user interface to calibrate an expectation
  • New expectation types and methods available:
    • Bivariate relationships
    • Cluster based Self Organizing Map
    • Distance bases Self Organizing Map
    • Comparisons with model predictions


Ongoing improvement of usability:

  • Uniform input, file selection, list and questions dialogues
  • Better and consistent menus
  • Improved toolbars and icons


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