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Software Release Notes 4.41

by Reinhard Kaiser

4.41 is our first release in 2019. It contains small changes that lead to more stability.

Following changes were applied since 4.4


  • Reactivation of context menu entry 'copy/paste sensors'
  • Improvement of usability for File > Export > To Stipulator
  • Bugfix: Stipulator cannot be broken anymore if the first command line argument is not a command
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with opening some older files (version smaller 3.1)
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug selecting and deselecting of custom toolbars
  • Bugfix: Now channel names with . or : also work as search string
  • Bugfix: Plot FFT now shows right case names when having empty channels in cases


  • Analytic expression model can now be evaluated when the input contains NaNs
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue if only categorical values are used for input or output parameters
  • Bugfix: Fixed Analyse > Plot inputs
  • Bugfix: Export Model now shows all export formats correctly
  • Bugfix: Learning rate plot works again for Backpropagation networks


  • Bugfix: Fixed Analyse > Plot inputs
  • Bugfix: Prevent crash when wrong oversampling channel is chosen in sampling preferences


  • Added new SignalStructure data source (currently only possible via Stipulator file)

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