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Release Notes Stable Release 3.4

The yearly stable release version 3.4 of ANDATA's development tools is available for download from now on. Basically it contains the same new features than version 3.3, which are listed below. More details about the new features can be found in the Release Notes of version 3.3.


  • New requirement attributes: text fields and links
  • Redesigned "Edit Requirement" dialog


  • New TOC-Plot
  • Graphical display of confusion matrix
  • Support-Vector-Machines and further new model types


  • Refactorings of initialization and training of Self-Organizing Maps


  • Distributed computing


  • New App-Manager

Keep in mind, that only bug fixes will follow for version 3.4. The new features will only be implemented in the upcoming version 4, which is going to be a major new release with significant changes and a new data format. Please see the Announcement for version 4 for more details.

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