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Software Release Notes 4.42

by Daniel Lämmerhofer

ANDATA's Spring Release 4.42 introduces a new way to get a better overview in Stipulator: View Profiles. As in every new release we took great care in improving the stability and speed of our tools. For this release especially we also introduced several improvements to our command line interfaces.

The following changes have been introduced after version 4.41:


  • View Profiles for sorting and showing a set of attributes in a quick way
    • It is now possible to store and select multiple profiles with different attributes and order. These stored profiles can be used to quickly switch between the shown attributes.
    • This functionality is accessible through menu View > Hide/show columns...
  • Action plot now allows selecting which actions to plot
    • A dialog allows choosing which action to plot when calling Analysis > Plot actions > action and signals vs. time
  • Implementation of new get and set interfaces:
    • The generic stipulator('get', ...) and stipulator('set', ...) calls should be adjusted to use new specific get and set commands.
    • For example, please use stipulator('getgroups', ...) instead of stipulator('get', 'groups', ...)
    • This is important because in future releases the generic 'get'/'set' commands will change.
    • The interface of these new specific 'get...'/'set...' commands will be backwards-compatible.
    • For details see the Stipulator User Guide, STP Interfaces > STP Command line. Access it as always through menu Help > Manual.
  • Default behavior in dialog Cases > Import Cases has changed. Now all files found are automatically selected for import.
  • Speed improvements when calling Stipulator extensions.
  • Speed improvements when using Cases > Select by ... functions.
  • Referencing a Stipulator instance by index (instead of through its figure handle) is not supported any more in command line usage.
  • Fixed an issue found after using Cases > Add... in seldom cases
  • Fixed an issue found when using dialog Select Category and closing it with X
  • Reading CSV now supports different delimiters. For more details and examples please take a look into the Stipulator User Guide available through Help > Manual.
  • An extension is not allowed to close its parent Stipulator figure any more
  • Fixed wrong colors in conflict analysis for 2-class problems.
  • Fixed inconsistent indices found when filtering in search field
  • Fixed an issue found on Export > To Stipulator... when no channels or no description are set


  • WEKA's .arff format is not supported as a data export format any more
  • Fixed an issue seldom found when importing data that might lead to an inconsistent state
  • Fixed an issue found when using manual adaptation for Backpropagation networks
  • Fixed an issue found when exporting Classification Trees
  • Fixed an issue found in Multiple models > Graphical confusion matrix


  • Mapper command 'set' now works with several open Mapper files


  • Added a progress bar for calculation when pressing "Calibrate"-button
  • Usage of parallel computing (if Parallel Computing Toolbox is available!) to calculate calibration data
  • When importing data from a Stipulator file only those cases without signal processing errors up to the defined processing level are imported into Expectator.


  • Improvement of ssfevalwindow with spectral features instfreq, pentropy and pkurtosis (available only in Signal Processing Toolbox and since MATLAB R2018a!)
  • Improvement when renaming channels with ssuniquenames (a, a_1, a_2, ...)

More details about the minimum requirements for i.e. MATLAB version and toolboxes to run ANDATA software can be found in the following FAQ: What are the requirements to run ANDATA software?

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