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Software Release Notes 4.7

by Toni Palau

The ANDATA Fall Release 2020 focuses on stability, performance and usability improvements across all tools. The following list presents the most relevant changes.

  • Stipulator
    • Improvements in usability and responsiveness have been implemented in several dialogs.
    • Using the degree symbol (°) in channel or attribute search strings is now allowed.
    • Several usability and stability improvements on selecting cases and scrolling with the mouse wheel have been put in place.
    • The transparency for the user has been improved when certain commands did not work as expected.
  • Brainer
    • Modifications have been introduced to speed-up the calculation of classification performances significantly.
    • Robustness when using pre- and post-transformations in models with multiple outputs has been improved.
    • Issues related to outsourced Data Matrices when the data file was renamed or deleted have been addressed.
    • Stability and robustness in various plots and plot settings dialogs have been improved.
    • Measures to increase the readability in certain post processing plots have been taken.
    • Regarding the command line interface, a number of dedicated "set*" commands that ensure consistency of passed argument data have been implemented.
  • General
    • Progress bars have been included in several post-processing tasks and calculations.
    • Improvements have been applied when importing signal data from text files containing NaNs.

As usual, please take a look at our User Guides for further information.

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