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Software Release Notes 4.9

by Toni Palau

The ANDATA Fall Release 2021 improves stability and performance on our core tools. Many bugs have been fixed as well as feature requests and improvements from our customers have been heard and addressed.

In the course of our engineering work with our own tools, we come up with new ideas on how to better analyze, understand and communicate the obtained results. Many such ideas find their way into our tools which, in turn, benefit our customers. New plots in Brainer and many newly developed filter functions testify to this continued commitment.

In this release, a significant effort has been devoted to improve and streamline the traceability of results obtained across our tools. In particular, metadata used to this end has been polished in its way from Stipulator into Brainer through the DataMatrix.

In addition, a more rational structure for our toolboxes has been designed focusing on an easier installation and management of additional packages like the already presented CoMModO-PP framework and the Geographic Information Toolbox.

The following list presents the most significant changes in our release 4.9:

  • Stipulator
    • (STP-714) TEXT attributes are supported in configurable plot titles in Analysis > Preferences... > Configure plot title.
    • (STP-737) Action plot in Analysis > Plot signals > By case and Analysis > Plot actions > Action and signals vs. time supports selecting no action for plotting.
    • (STP-739 / SI-288) Adjusted checks performed on signals before extraction so that data export is permitted even when no reference channels are defined and only attributes are mapped to cases.
    • (STP-720) Fixed a bug where Analysis > Plot signals > Based on multiple processings rendered the wrong channels if several processings yielded channels in a different order.
    • (STP-738) Fixed a bug when renaming attributes using ssRenameAttributes within a signal processing chain.
    • (STP-728) The command stipulator('calcsignals') returns detailed information to the caller if errors happened during signal processing.
    • (STP-731) The text interpreter set in Analysis > Preferences... is used for data tips in plotted signals.
    • (STP-732) Fixed a bug where processed signals already computed were lost from cache if channel selection was changed.
    • (MISC-247 / SI-290) Search strings for reference channels are not automatically split at characters "{" and "}" any more.
  • Brainer
    • (MISC-244) A new Brainer plot "Response plot per group" visualizes the responses of all selected models for each selected datablock. In particular, an aggregation (line-by-line on the Y-axis) of cases per group is done. Check the Brainer User Guide for further details.
    • (BRN-521) Added command brainer('definegroup') to create groups from the command line.
    • (BRN-517) The plot "Performance CDF" was complemented to visualize datablock performance over multiple models. Distribution of error percentiles is depicted with interactive features. Check Brainer User Guide for more details.
    • (BRN-525) Metadata present in a DataMatrix (for example after extraction in Stipulator) is now displayed and partially made editable on File > Properties..... It is now possible to show the signal processing used for extraction.
    • (BRN-526) Added support for multiple outputs in standard model performances.
    • (BRN-527) Fixed a bug found when exporting models that use output transformation tf_2_categ.
    • (BRN-529) Support the possibility to export computed data block error values to Stipulator.
    • (BRN-509) Fixed a bug where the list of available models was not updated when changing problem type more than once.
    • (BRN-533) Warn the user and suggest workarounds before performing certain merge operations when having an outsourced DataMatrix, since an inconsistent state could be achieved if the location of the outsourced data changes.
  • Expectator
    • (EXP-361) Fixed a bug where sort and reorder operations on expectations might corrupt the defined expectation groups.
    • (EXP-384) Fixed a bug when generating a HTML report with expectations of type BooleanExpression.
    • (EXP-327) Support running Expectator from the command line on an invisible figure.
    • (EXP-387 / SI-297) Improved usability when filtering expectations and data sources through the filter edit boxes.
  • General
    • (MPR-139) Support project properties (including metadata present in DataMatrix) in Mapper through File > Properties....
    • (MISC-246) Fixed a bug with wrong indices returned by utility function dCdf when data contains NaN values.
    • (SST-170) Extended filter function sscalcsignalcharacteristics with further signal features ('timeOverThreshLast', 'deltaTOverThresh', 'sumOverThresh' and 'meanOverThresh')
    • (SST-173) Added filter function ssgetfftfeatures that computes signal features based on FFT: frequencies and amplitudes for most important periodicities.
    • (SST-174) Added filter function ssgetpeakfeatures that computes signal peak features: number of detected peaks and statistical measures of the distances between peaks.
    • (SST-176) Added filter function ssexplode that generates several one-dimensional channels based on a given n-dimensional channel.
    • (SI-293) When an empty channel is passed to ssfilltoend, the minimum dt of all channels is used to fill it.

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