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Software Release Notes 5.1


The ANDATA Fall Release 2022 gathers, as usual, the latest developments in stability, reliability and performance for our tools.

When it comes to Stipulator we have redesigned and rebuilt the internal implementation of actions, as announced previously. Actions have become a further Stipulator attribute type which, like the current Numbers, Categories, Links, etc. can be accessed at several steps in the workflow. Calculation and manipulation steps for actions can now be saved in the Stipulator project, which improves the traceability of the results. In addition, it is also easier to support alternative encoding options for actions and create label channels from them. Through this change, a significant speedup in all functions that deal with actions has been achieved. This is especially noticeable when using Plain time series extraction to extract labeled data to be further processed, for example, by Brainer. No external interfaces for actions have been changed, which means our users can continue to work in the usual manner with actions both through the user interface and programmatically.  All known menu items and functions are still available.

For Brainer, Mapper and Expectator as well as for our helper libraries generic stability improvements have been implemented owing to issues found and features requested in its continuing operation by us and by our customers through the support channel.

The following list presents the most significant changes introduced with our release 5.1:

  • Stipulator
    • (SI-316/STP-823) Data extraction in menu Extraction can be significantly sped-up by means of removing actions that are not explicitly needed in the extracted data matrix.
    • (STP-817) Fixed an issue which could case degraded performance and poor responsiveness on case selection in the main Stipulator window.
    • (STP-841) Attribute plots in Analysis > Plot attributes take into account only those attributes that are currently shown in the main Stipulator window. The list of shown attributes can be managed through View > Hide/show columns....
    • (STP-840) Fixed a bug where plots generated through Analysis > Plot signals > By case did not correctly apply the setting "Interpret time channel as date" from Analysis > Preferences....
    • (STP-848) Fixed an issue where invalid action values typed manually to the table in the main Stipulator window did not get normalized to a correct value and might corrupt the current action values.
    • (STP-727) Fixed an issue found when adding a new case through the command line interface to a Stipulator file containing attributes when working in invisible mode.
    • (STP-814) When adding cases without a name through stipulator('add') the default case name is now the file name of the first source including the file extension.
    • (STP-403) Fixed an issue with text attributes being displayed wrong if a cell array of strings was used.
    • (SST-201) Fixed a bug where actions defined through a single trigger time Inf could result in a wrong action channel.
    • (SI-326/STP-851) Fixed an issue where stipulator('modifyactions') with a list of actions to be set  might overwrite values on unintended actions.
    • (SI-327/STP-225) Fixed a bug where action values passed incorrectly as strings to stipulator('setactionvalues') did not get replaced by a valid default and the current values might get corrupted.
    • (STP-723) New commands stipulator('getcasenames') and stipulator('setcasenames') were implemented.
    • (STP-832) Command stipulator('setdescription') has been extended to accept a list of descriptions for several cases.
    • (STP-828) Command stipulator('reorder') returns the permutation applied.
    • (STP-803) Obsolete command stipulator('setscale') was removed.
    • (STP-825) Command stipulator('importcases') returns an index vector with the added cases.
  • Brainer
    • (BRN-561) Additional settings are available when training models of type Gaussian Process Regression: size and method for active set, standardization, maximum training time and compaction to reduce model size.
    • (BRN-550) Fixed a bug where the model selection dialog caused an error if there is only one model available or the view is reduced to a single model.
    • (BRN-551) Improved robustness of check for inverse target transformation, which missed legitimate cases due to an overly decreased tolerance.
    • (BRN-552) Fixed an issue when brainer('definegroup') failed when the last of the training data blocks is assigned to a group.
    • (BRN-553) Fixed a bug where transformation of target parameters was repeatedly applied if the configured post-transformation in Models > Post transformations... is not the inverse of the transformation defined for the selected output in Data > Transformations....
    • (BRN-546) Fixed an issue with plotting the structure of a neural network not working properly on MATLAB R2022a.
    • (DM-54) Fixed a bug that prevented saving a Brainer project successfully when the userdata field in a data matrix contains a MATLAB table.
  • Expectator
    • (EXP-372) By using the optional signal processing function ssMarkForPlausibilityCheck it is possible to override Expectator's default behavior (to check plausibility on all channels or attributes available after signal processing) and mark channels and/or attributes to be used for plausibility check explicitly.
    • (EXP-374) Fixed an issue where the raw data stored in an Expectator result matrix contained many repeated, time-concatenated channels.
  • General
    • (SI-320/SI-322/SST-197) Fixed a bug with ssreadiso not working properly when header information was incomplete (missing ISO codes).
    • (ALL-279) A new logging server was implemented that works correctly in MATLAB R2022a.
    • (SST-198) Reworked function ssreadcsv to make it run faster when reading large files, as well as more flexible to deal with metadata in the header.
    • (MISC-253) Fixed a bug where adding items to an empty group might corrupt the internal data structure and cause subsequent errors elsewhere.
    • (SST-193) Issue a warning about usage of functions pspectrum, pentropy, instfreq and pkurtosis in combination with filter function ssfevalwindow in MATLAB releases prior to R2021b. These functions, available in the Signal Processing Toolbox have been updated by MathWorks. It appears that in versions prior to R2021b certain combinations of signal length, sample rate, and overlap percent result in incorrectly computed window segments.
    • (ALL-285) Fixed an issue that could cause increased CPU usage in relation with logging.
    • (SST-669) Fixed a bug in the Edit signal processing dialog when duplicating a filter function by dragging and dropping while pressing CTRL. The duplicated filter contains now all parameters and channel references from the source.
    • (ALL-38) Usages of obsolete functions pagesetupdlg and pagesetupdlgAndata were replaced by printpreview.
    • (SST-203) Fixed an issue with function ss2dm throwing an error when called with optional input flag isIncludeNumbers.

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