Software and Development Tools

ANDATA provides a comprehensive software environment for

  • the analysis of extensive data (BigData), especially for sensor signals and time series
  • the execution of Machine Learning and mathematical modeling
  • the development of functional algorithms for intelligent control and decision support systems

The development environment comprises of several modular, interconnected programs, which cover the whole process chain for the application and safeguarding of Machine Learning procedures and the development of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Data collection, preparation and normalization
  • Data cleaning
  • Sensor models
  • Signal preparation
  • Requirements definition ("labelling", etc.)
  • Data analysis
  • Training, adaption and evaluation of Machine Learning models
  • Meta modelling, feature selection, etc.
  • Scenario management
  • Multilevel stochastic simulation
  • Execution of distributed simulations
  • Data plausibilization
  • Anomalies and incident detection


Technically, all software tools are cooperating, complementing MATLAB toolboxes, which can also be executed as standalone software. All programs can be adopted easily and comprehensively to individual customer needs. Different model types, signal preparation routines, rating functions, etc. can be integrated easily and specifically for arbitrary fields of application.

ANDATA is part of the Third Party Connections Program of The MathWorks.

MATLAB is registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.