This all sounds very abstract and scientific, can't it be described more simply and intuitively?

The whole things sounds very abstract and scientific nerdy. Isn't there a way to describe everything more simple and intuitively, being understandable also for non-scientist?

Sorry, but as engineers we have to go through and focus in the methods and procedures for an efficient and effective product development process. The accused abstractness unfortunatly is a must especially for interdisciplinary and complex challenges. It is necessary for enabling an unified procedures across the disciplines, for comprehensive automation in development and in operation, and for gaining synergies between different topics and fields of application.

Finding the right level of abstraction is the main work and art of each successful software engineer, mathematician, or indeed of every scientist. Unfortunately the right level of abstraction is not due to the beholder but due to the given complexity of the problem. And the complexity is not insignificant here. Nevertheless, enough examples should be available now to illustrate the solutions more intuitively or to conceal the abstractness in the available software solutions.


Last update on 2016-12-04 by Andreas Kuhn.

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