Automated Driving

The introduction of automated driving is one of major grand technological challenges at present. Due to the complexity of the task, traditional, reductionistic engineering approaches are not sufficient anymore for a safe and economically meaningful product development. Rather a simulation driven virtual product development backed by Artificial Intelligence and according process models are needed. Such is mandatory to assure safety, efficiency and effectiveness with respect to traffic benefits for automated driving.


The specialty of ANDATA in the field of automated driving is the combined application of following technologies in the context of the specified development process:

Services and Solutions

The contributions of ANDATA for automated driving are amongst others:

  • Definition and implementation of simulation and data based development process
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Scenario management
  • Development and implementation of effective functional software
  • Validation, safeguarding functions, system and component assessment and rating
  • Traffic automation

Features and Advantages

  • Quick identification of functional requirements conflicts
  • Best possible functionality
  • Quick identification of components and modules with the best/worst effects to the system and quantification of performance and effectivity of system components
  • Conform requirements management
  • Quick learning and adaption to new requirements and product variants