Open Master Thesis

Development of Autonomous/Automated Ships and Yachts


Together with international partners, ANDATA is working on the automation of ships and yachts. The aim is to expand and adapt the various control algorithms and solutions from the field of automated driving in maritime applications. This includes a number of topics, which can be arranged in arbitrary combination to according work packages und cooperative master thesis.


  • 3D-SLAM under maritime conditions
  • Sensor fusion, object detection, classification and tracking under maritime conditions
  • Dynamic positioning and vehicle control with Machine Learning
  • Automated maneuver planning
  • Scenario-based functional development and safeguarding


  • Collection and processing of real sensor data (partly with European partner companies)
  • Modeling and simulation of ship dynamics
  • Construction of scenario databases
  • Development and evaluation of various algorithms and controllers
  • Implementation and testing of control algorithms


  • Good math skills
  • Knowledge in numerical simulation
  • MATLAB and / or basic programming skills
  • Basic knowledge of marine engineering is an advantage
  • Boat license is beneficial
  • Commitment and enthusiasm of new technologies


Andreas Kuhn
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