Race Around Austria winner delivers data for the development of new, connected vehicle safety systems

This year's Race Around Austria starts on Wednesday, Aug. 13th, 2020. Last year's winner Dominik Meierhofer will be back, now supported also by ANDATA and the project COPE.

The project COPE is about developing new vehicle safety systems to prevent collisions and dangerous situations with vulnerable road users (cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians), starting in September 2020. This is to be done with the help of future's implementations of connected mobility solutions by interconnecting road users with each other and with the infrastructure. The methodology for this is carried out by means of artificial intelligence for the assessment and cooperative awareness of traffic situations with collective perception.

With an average of more than 15,000 kilometres on the bike per year, Dominik is the ideal candidate for the collection of the relevant bicycle scenarios and situations to develop future's connected, cooperative, automated driving functions. ANDATA will incorporate the situations collected by Dominik into the scenario database of the project COPE.

For the RAA 2020 we wish all the best! Drive save at full speed, being inspired by your pace! The race progress can be watched at https://race.perfect-tracking.com/race/raa2020/live

The project COPE is supported and funded by FFG and BMK.

Project COPE: WienZWA and Connecting Austria are now becoming a trilogy

The both pioneering projects WienZWA and Connecting Austria are becoming a trilogy now. Whilest WienZWA dealt about the comprehensive validation of connected, cooperative, automated driving (CCAD), Connecting Austria puts the focus on the potentials of CCAD with respect to traffic and vehicle efficiency upon the example of platooning. The new, beginning project COPE (Collective Perception) will extend the potentials of CCAD with respect to traffic and vehicle safety - especially for the protection of vulnerable road users. More details will follow here soon...

Validation of connected, coopartive, automated driving and concept description of according test fields

Connected, cooperative, automated driving for the improvement of traffic and vehicle efficiency

Connected, cooperative, automated driving for the improvement of traffic and vehicle safety


BTW: a further spin-off project from WienZWA will also start soon. Stay tuned...

Training Dates 2020 for AI and Automated Driving

Due to the COVID-19 situation the new ANDATA training courses in cooperation with carhs are postponed to the 4th quarter of 2020. The updated dates are now:

Termin Thema
2020-10-01/02 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving Functions
2020-11-10/11 Scenario-, Simulation- and Data-based Development, Validation and Safeguarding of Automated Driving Functions


These courses cover the main methods and building blocks for the development and validation of automated driving functions including some theoretical fundaments as well as practical examples from more the 20 years of hands-on experience in the field with according procedures.

ANDATA at the yearly conference on accident research EVU 2019 in Barcelona

After the ITS World Congress 2019 in Singapore ANDATA moved on to the yearly congress on accident research EVU 2019 in Barcelona this week, presenting Connecting Austria and the ANDATA approach for scenario and simulation-based development and validation of connected, cooperative and automated driving and traffic automation. Accident research will be a crucial issue and play an important role in the safe introduction of cooperative, connected, automated driving.

Thanks to EVU for the invitation and meeting lot's of Austrian, German and Spanisch friends and partners!

ITS World Congress 2019 in Singapur

The ITS World Congress 2019 takes place in Singapur between October 21st and 25th.

ANDATA will be present together with various other partner companies at the Austrian Pavilion at booth 93, representing VERONET, Connecting Austria, and ATTC.

Beside the presentation of "Early lessons learnt from Connecting Austria - C-ITS-focused level 1 truck platooning" in session TS24, ANDATA will contribute to #ITSWC19 with the topics #CCAD, #ODD, #TRAFFICAUTOMATION, #Validation, #AutomatedDriving.


Further details can be requested from info@andata.at.