ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification for ANDATA

With the issuance of the ISO 9001 : 2015 certification this week, TÜV Süd is now officially confirming that at ANDATA the constant pursuit of continuous improvement and continous development is paramount and that the pursuit of quality is fundamentally integrated in the organization.  

In addition to the ISO 9001 certification, a successful TISAX assessment was carried out in parallel, which also confirms the data and information security at ANDATA.

The dedicated reference numbers can be found in the imprint.

ANDATA at the NAFEMS World Congress 2021 about the usage of AI in simulation data managment utilizing CoMModO

With CoMModO, ANDATA has been active for several years in the combined application of finite element simulations and data-based modelling (e.g. with artificial neural networks).

In a presentation at the NAFEMS World Congress 2021, ANDATA once again presented the entire spectrum of applications from material parameter estimation in pre-processing, neural material and surrogate modelling to AI-based quality management of simulations to automated post-processing and data mining in simulation data management.

Particularly noteworthy is the revolutionary approach of the new CoMModO-PostProcessing, which will allow a new, innovative approach in the automated recognition and analysis of structural relationships and cause/effect analyses for the future. It is already in use respectively in implemention by selected premium customers.

ANDATA thus once again proves its pioneering role in the field of processes, methods and tools in virtual product development. For example, the CoMModO-Postprocessing provides an essential, novel method module for the development of crash severity prediction functions in integral safety and for collision avoidance in manoeuvring for automated driving functions.

automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2021 with ANDATA & COPE

At carhs - the #1 information platform for automotive safety - the automotive Grand Challenge 2021 on 19/20 October was once again about the latest trends in virtual product development and computer aided engineering.   

ANDATA was also present, this time with the presentation of the methods for scenario- and data-based development and validation of connected, cooperative, automated driving functions, as they are currently being intensively applied, constantly expanded and refined in the project COPE.

ANDATA and COPE at the ACIMobility Summit in Braunschweig

In Braunschweig - the German hotspot for connected driving - the newly arranged ACIMobility Summit took place on 21 and 22 September 2021 under the organisation of NFF, DLR and ITS mobilty.

ANDATA presented the project COPE (Collective Perception) and the methodological approaches it pursues for the development of networked algorithms for the development and avoidance of collisions with vulnerable road users. The development and safeguarding of such dirstributed algorithms require new forms of cooperation and collaboration, for which Braunschweig with the accomapnying test field of Lower Saxony offers excellent conditions.

First ANDATA Presentation in the Martime Domain for Automated Mooring of Ships and Yachts

For some time now, ANDATA has been researching and developing in the field of autonomous/automated ships, in particular on fully automated maneuvering in ports and narrow environments for the automatic mooring of ships and yachts as well as collision avoidance.

At the Autonomous Ship Expo 2021, ANDATA made its first public appearance in the maritime domain as original inventor of automated ship/yacht mooring.

In the automation of shipping, the methodological approach of ANDATA by means of scenario management in combination with artificial intelligence and stochastic simulations is sometimes even more important than in automotive vehicle development. How autonomous/automated ships and yachts can be developed and safeguarded effectively and efficiently and thus essential experience from the extensive automation efforts in the automotive industry in recent years can be accessed and transferred by asking ANDATA directly.


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