Project finalization of COPE and DIGEST

Looking back, 2022 has generally been an ambivalent year with respect to automated driving. On the positive side, one can notice the delivery of a major milestone in automotive history by Mercedes with the introduction of their DRIVE PILOT as a first system with level 3 automation. On the other side there was the downturn of ArgoAI with accompanying choral voices that this is the beginning of a trend rather than being a singular event.

Both were no surprises for us. Already quite a few years back we have identified major conceptional burdens for autonomous driving within the project WienZWA, which are beyond the intensively discussed technical issues of sensors, algorithms, use of AI, etc. Within the project Connecting Austria we have elaborated and investigated those in detail. One of our consequences is the strong believe that automated driving would significantly benefit from connectivity between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure, also taking infrastructure support for automated driving (ISAD) and ODD awareness for cooperative driving into consideration. This is especially true, if one wants to reduce the number of accidents and congestions to improve efficiency for energy savings and emission reduction.

Of course we carefully listened to the arguments and requirements of some OEMs and stakeholders, who prefer not to trust data from others but rely only on their own sensors and data sources. Within the project DIGEST we believe, that we delivered a major contribution to sharing information reliably in the future. Within the project COPE we took the first step in the direction of truly collaborative, distributed algorithms for collision avoidance.

Both projects ended in December 2022. The continuation and follow ups of DIGEST and COPE in 2023ff are already in the pipelines. Contact us, if you want to contribute (as organisation or person). In the meantime, we invite and encourage you to provide feedback on the public available DIGEST project result hot off the press.

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Thanks to all the partners and supporters @ASFINAG, @BAST, @astra, @bmk, @ffg, @logistikum, @jr, @dlr, @walter, @sandra, @swarco, #attc, …

We keep on pushing even harder in 2023! Stay tuned, more to come soon!

Transport Research Arena 2022

ANDATA is taking part at the Transport Research Arena 2022 as exibitor on booth 2.07, organized by the Austria Chamber of Commerce.

Following topics will be presented by ANDATA:

COPE and DIGEST at the ATTC Event about the Topic on current C-ITS achievements

On October 18, the ATTC members met with invited guests from research, development, implementation and operation to show and discuss the latest achievements and developments in the field of C-ITS, Car2X, V2X, Future's Mobility, CCAM (Cooperative, Connected, Automated Mobility), Intelligent Road.

Together with the project partners FH-OÖ/Logistikum, Joanneum Research, HiTec and Swarco, ANDATA presented results from the project COPE - Collective Perception on collision avoidance with vulnerable road users. Two of our vehicles drove in real life in the city of Hallein and were displayed live in Vienna in ASFINAG's Kaisermühlen motorway maintenance department via a digital twin of the model region and an ongoing estimation of the collision risks was carried out in order to intervene in the traffic situation at an early stage, prevent accidents and reduce dangers.

The digital twin of the transport system of the city of Hallein was implemented in accordance with the DIGEST project, which has also just been successfully completed. In doing so, the requirements of formal information modeling were strictly followed in order to prepare a basis for later services such as ISAD/ODD (Infrastructure Support for Automated Driving with distributed ODD awareness) and subsequently expand it into a CCAM Decision Support Platform.

VERONET at ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles

If you are interested in VERONET - ANDATA's solutions in traffic automation and cooperative, connected, automated driving - you can get in touch with us at the ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles this week via ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and AustriaTech at booth 1453. The Austrian ambassadors will assist you in setting up a meeting with us.

Presentation of the project DIGEST at the Test4Road Symposium

The project DIGEST - Digital twin of the road traffic system - goes into the final sprint. An outlook on the project results for ISAD/ODD (Infrastructure Support for Automated Driving for active, dynamic ODD management) was given today at DLR's Test4Road Symposium. Further publications on DIGEST are expected in October 2022 and in November at the Transport Research Arena in Lissabon.


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