ANDATA & Connecting Austria at the VDI/VW Conference on ADAS & Automated Driving

At the VDI/VW Conference for Advanced Driver Assistent Systems and Automated Driving 2018 on Nov. 7th and 8th ANDATA will present the technological aspects of ConnectingAustria, the Austrian lead project for automated driving. Platooning will be the showcase for the effective development and validation of automated driving with strong support from infrastructure. Main topics of the presentation are platooning, connected mobility, automated and cooperative driving, scenario management, effectivity rating, traffic automation, validation of automated driving.

IEDAS Expert Dialog 2018 in Ingolstadt

The 4th interdisciplinary expert dialog IEDAS Active Safety and Automated Driving will take place at 24th and 25th October in Ingolstadt.

ANDATA will come up with some necessary and important issues for the application of scenariobased development, assessment and validation of automated driving functions with and for AI, resulting from more than a dozen years of intensive experience in the topic.

ANDATA at the 20th Evening Seminar of EVU Austria

The 25th evening seminar of the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis will take place on September 25th 2018 in Vienna.

ANDATA will contribute with a talk about New Development and Organization Models for Automated Driving. Further details can be found in the invitation.


ANDATA will shortly present the "Usage of Geo Information Data for the Develpment of Automated Driving Functions" at AGIT 2018 on July 4th, 2018. The content will primarily be some practical examples of the new GEO Information Toolbox in the field of traffic automation.

Start of Connecting Austria

In the course of the Transport Research Arena 2018 the project Connecting Austria, the Austrian flagship project for automated driving, has officially been presented for the first time. The project integrates the major stakeholders from the Austrian community with strong European connections.

Technical content of Connecting Austria will be the development and assessment of cooperative, connected, (semi-)automated driving, like it may come in the form of platooning. One of the major innovations will be the strict top-down and scenario-based approach with a strong focus on the infrastruture support for automated driving.

Within the project ANDATA will be responsible for the research and development part. Further information can be found at


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