Volkswagen car.SW Org joins Automotive Safety Technologies

In November 2020 the Audi shares of our joint venture Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH (ASTech) have been taken over by the new Volkswagen car.SW Org. The ANDATA shares stay the same.

In particular, we are pleased that the original founding mandate of ASTech (data-driven development of car software with artificial intelligence in combination with scenario- and simulation-based development procedures) will receive confirmation, enhancement and acceleration, thus making a significant contribution to the transformation of Volkswagen into a technology company.

Start of the project IntIntSect: The Intelligent Intersection

The partners from TU Wien, KfV, Swarco, Komobile and ANDATA are starting the new project "IntIntSect - Intelligent Intersection" in cooperation with MA33 from the City of Vienna.

The aim is to ensure the best possible, "intelligent" control of an intersection, using all possibilities, through the novel interconnection of all road users with each other and with the infrastructure, in order to improve safety, the efficiency of traffic flow and the efficiency of road users in order to save energy and reduce emissions. The IntIntSect project takes up the experiences and methods of the "intersection use case" from the project Connecting Austria in order to continuously and consistently continue research and development, to expand the functions and to generalize it for any kind of road users.

ANDATA in Hanau at the automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2020

On September 29/30th this year's automotive CAE Grand Challenge took place in Hanau as a hybrid event under the usual, perfect organisation by carhs - even under the currently difficult circumstances.

ANDATA was able to provide an insight into current developments and experiences for the automated evaluation of finite element simulations within simulation data management utilizing various AI methods. In addition to the already well proven, automated data plausibility using expert systems in the Expectator, the revolutionary approach to "machine understanding" of dynamic results of 3D structures respectively the automated analysis of 4D data using AI.  You can learn more about the latest developments within the CoMModO (Complex Material Modelling Operations) initiative from

Race Around Austria winner delivers data for the development of new, connected vehicle safety systems

This year's Race Around Austria starts on Wednesday, Aug. 13th, 2020. Last year's winner Dominik Meierhofer will be back, now supported also by ANDATA and the project COPE.

The project COPE is about developing new vehicle safety systems to prevent collisions and dangerous situations with vulnerable road users (cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians), starting in September 2020. This is to be done with the help of future's implementations of connected mobility solutions by interconnecting road users with each other and with the infrastructure. The methodology for this is carried out by means of artificial intelligence for the assessment and cooperative awareness of traffic situations with collective perception.

With an average of more than 15,000 kilometres on the bike per year, Dominik is the ideal candidate for the collection of the relevant bicycle scenarios and situations to develop future's connected, cooperative, automated driving functions. ANDATA will incorporate the situations collected by Dominik into the scenario database of the project COPE.

For the RAA 2020 we wish all the best! Drive save at full speed, being inspired by your pace! The race progress can be watched at

The project COPE is supported and funded by FFG and BMK.

Project COPE: WienZWA and Connecting Austria are now becoming a trilogy

The both pioneering projects WienZWA and Connecting Austria are becoming a trilogy now. Whilest WienZWA dealt about the comprehensive validation of connected, cooperative, automated driving (CCAD), Connecting Austria puts the focus on the potentials of CCAD with respect to traffic and vehicle efficiency upon the example of platooning. The new, beginning project COPE (Collective Perception) will extend the potentials of CCAD with respect to traffic and vehicle safety - especially for the protection of vulnerable road users. More details will follow here soon...

Validation of connected, coopartive, automated driving and concept description of according test fields

Connected, cooperative, automated driving for the improvement of traffic and vehicle efficiency

Connected, cooperative, automated driving for the improvement of traffic and vehicle safety


BTW: a further spin-off project from WienZWA will also start soon. Stay tuned...


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