Validation and Rating of Automated Driving Functions

Within the project WienZWA a comprehensive concept for the valdation and the rating of automated driving functions has been drawn. Results are betoken in the Aug/Sep issue of Traffic Technology International. WienZWA is followed up amongst others by the project initiative Connecting Austria. Further details can be expected latest at the Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna.

ANDATA at the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2017 in Stuttgart

Within the project WienZWA a comprehensive concept for the development, testing and safeguarding of automated driving functions has been developed by ANDATA with the project partners HiTec, KfV and Swarco. It is demonstrated upon the example of a testfield in and around the city of Vienna. Beside the technical aspects of automated vehicles especially their cooperative behaviour with respect to the infrastructure and other traffic participants had been put into focus to provide evidence in the improvement of traffic by the vehicle automation.

The resulting concept will be presented on June 20th 2017 at the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2017 in Stuttgart by ANDATA together with the Austrian Road Safety Board (KfV).

An important part comprises the automated anomalies and incident detection, which can be seen as a general quality measure for arbitrary tests and simulation. The solution approach of ANDATA, which is based on a self learning expert system for the plausibilization of arbitrary test and simulation results, will be presented at the forum of the Automotive Testing Expo at June 21st 2017 in Hall 1.

MATLAB Expo 2017 in Munich

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The yearly MATLAB Expo will take place in Munich on June 27th 2017. This year ANDATA will talk about possibilities for an effective development and safeguarding of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based on MATLAB.

ANDATA at the SafetyWeek 2017

The SafetyWeek in Aschaffenburg in May is one of the primary events and information hubs for news and updates in the field of automotive safety in Germany. The upcoming introduction of automated and advanced assisted driving is expected to deliver a further major step in the direction to Vision Zero.

ANDATA presents the importance and the motivation for open test fields with accordant methods for the validation and safeguarding of learning, cooperative, and connected systems in automated and assisted driving. It is illustrated by the exemplary example of WienZWA, the intended (inter-)urban test field for automated driving in and around Vienna.

Project start for the autonomous driving lab Wien ZWA - Zukunft wird automatisiert ("future will come automated")

Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology co-funds our consortium's setting up a European integrated automated driving test facility. This decision follows a competitive national call for proposals with a peer-reviewed selection process administered by FFG (Austrian funding agency for applied-technology projects). Our convincing mission has been to enable fast forward learning on "safe mobility for all" by means of using (semi)-autonomous cars on one of the world's best equipped real-world mixed-traffic infrastructure (Vienna metropolitan area, Austria). Rapid learning for us involves the ever new dynamic interaction between pedestrians, two-wheelers and (semi)-autonomous vehicles. This dynamically re-invents on a daily basis the inclusion and radically improved anticipation skills for all land transport (pedestrians, two-wheelers, urban/sub-urban/overland transport, motorway/urban streets, public transport, multi-modal transport modes, dynamic exploratory adaptation behaviour). We all learn every day – and at an increasing speed. This is why our acronym in German would translate into "Future will come automated to the square". The consortium bundles forces of Austria's most experienced organisations in innovative future mobility, traffic sensors, vehicle sensors, simulation algorithms, open innovation test environments, safe transport, smart mobility, smart safety, traffic management of the future, traffic light controllers and infrastructure-to-car-technologies: Andata (Hallein/Vienna), HiTec (Vienna), Smart Safety Solutions – Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit (Vienna) and Swarco-Futurit (Vienna). Anybody can come, test and learn fast. High-level international visibility is granted from Austria's government hosting key events during its chair of the European Council in 2018 as well as TRA 2018 in Vienna, Austria.


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