Audi launches "Paula", an automated guided vehicle for modular assembly

(C) Audi AG

At the TechDay Smart Factory an automated guided vehicle (AGV), called "Paula", has been presented by Audi. The Audi AGV is equipped with a free navigation unit, which allows the automated, autonomous execution of freely configurable missions. The transfer of function and software development procedures from the fields of automotive safety and assisted/automated driving resulted in an extremely efficient and effective in-house development. Also worth mentioning and trend-setting is the layout and constitution for self organizing swarm intelligence. Further details can be found here in Encounter Smart Factory 2017 at page 28 and following: "Paula on Tour".

ANDATA at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

The Smart City Expo takes place in Barcelona from November 15th to 17th this year.

ANDATA participates at the booth of the Austrian chamber of commerce with the different VERONET solutions for traffic automation.

Especially the new results and advances of the VERONET traffic and pollution prediction as well as the VERONET incident and anomalies detection will be presented.

How will Artificial Intelligence change future's mobility?

On Ocotber 25th Bayern innovativ hosts the yearly congress "mobilität querdenken 2016".

ANDATA will contribute with the attempt to answer the question "How will Artificial Intelligence change future's mobility?".

ANDATA is new member in the Austrian Traffic Telematics Cluster

The "ATTC mobility talk 10" has taken place at May 17th in the Vienna Haus des Meeres with inspiring discussion of the topic "The way into the automated dead end?".

As part of the event ANDATA has been announced as new member of the Austrian Traffic Telematics Cluster. With ANDATA's competence mix of automotive safety, vehicle and traffic automation in combination with technological competence in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics as well as traffic and vehicle modeling and simulation we are looking forward to deliver valuable contribution to the forum.

FEM-Power in VERONET Net Control

ANDATA together with the University of Technology have been awarded a FemPower funding from the Vienna Business Agency!

The supported project for the development of network control algorithms in the context traffic automation within VERONET contains all ingredients to become a real "multi-win-constellation":

  • "our" PhD candidate Elvira Thonhofer can make a mark on one of ANDATA's most challenging topics,
  • ANDATA increases "FEM-POWER" within it's technical development,
  • ANDATA increases it's effort by consequently filling up the VERONET construction kit for traffic automation,
  • the existing partnership of ANDATA with the University of Technology Vienna is further extended and tightened,
  • the Vienna Business Agency is boosting an aspiring high tech office in its own city,
  • the city of Vienna gains access to innovative solution concepts for traffic on the way to a Smart City.


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