Signal Structure Toolbox

Signal Structure Toolbox is the technical core of Stipulator and Expectator.

The Signal Structure Toolbox contains a data model and according procedures that support the reading, normalization, preparation and processing as well as the annotation, labeling, conversion and extraction of scalar and vectorial time series data.

  • Purpose
  • Features
  • Architecture

The Signal Structure Toolbox was created to ensure consistent, traceable, referenceable, transparent processing and preparation of sensor signal and time series data. In particular, the signal data processing and data preparation for the application of machine learning is thus entirely traceable and reproducable.

Further tasks of the Signal Structure Toolbox are

  • sensor-signal modelling
  • visualization and plotting of raw and processed time series data
  • labelling & annotation & administration classification requirements
  • (de)coding of annotations and classification requirements
  • calculation of signal features
  • signal comparision
  • data conversion
  • Reading of signals from various data sources (e.g.ISO-MME, CSV, text, HDF5, JSON, etc.)
  • Filtering of signal data (e.g. SAE filter, low-pass, bandpass, high-pass, integrals and much more)
  • Application of specific filters and signal conditioning methods (clipping, resampling, scaling, arithmetic calculations and much more)
  • Calculation of signal features, statistics, and characteristic values from the signals (e.g. min/max calculation, threshold value calculations, statistical key figures and much more)
  • Preparation, conversion and export of data into formats for various machine learning programs
  • Calculation of signal metrics for signal comparision
  • Export of (processed) signals into other data formats
  • Common display of different signals
  • Display of signal metrics

The Signal Structure Toolbox is an open MATLAB toolbox that accesses MATLAB's core functionality whenever possible to leverage the full speed and reliability benefits of MATLAB.

Optionally, functions of the

from Mathworks are used for further speedups and functionalities.

The Signal Structure Toolbox can optionally be extended with

The Stipulator can be seen as a graphical user interface for the management and evaluation of many signal data and cases in parallel.

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