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New arrangement of our toolboxes

by Toni Palau

In the last few years several new toolboxes and functions have been added to the ANDATA software. With the forthcoming release, these are going to be consolidated and newly bundled, in order to attain better clarity over the different functions.


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CoMModO Post-Processing: Automated, AI-based Analysis of Finite Element Simulation Results as a Further Revolutionary Solution from ANDATA

by Niklas Stalanich

Based on the developments in the field of failure prediction with CoMModO, ANDATA is introducing a further, new, radical innovation in the successful application of Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI-based, automated structural analysis in the post-processing of Finite Element simulations and its integration into Simulation Data Management Systems. This blog describes the basic motivations and ideas behind it.

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Stipulator - Multiple data sources per case

by Markus Lauterbacher

Stipulator is designed to read time series data from arbitrary data formats. This concept is now being expanded for the upcoming versions. [...]

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Processing of Sensor Data from Wireshark Logfiles in Stipulator

by Philip Eder

A lot of sensor vendors like Velodyne, IBEO, and similar ones provide ethernet interfaces for their sensors. This enables an easy way to record a huge ammount sensor data in Wireshark format. Further the ethernat format becomes more and more established for numerous differnt sensors types...

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New Geographic Information Systems Toolbox

by Andreas Kuhn

From now on there is a first beta version of ANDATA's new Geographic Information Systems Toolbox for selected customers and projects available.

The Geographic Information Systems Toolbox is a tool for labeling and specifically analysing trajectories from Naturalistic Driving Data, Field Operational Test Data (FOT), fitnes-trackers, GPS trackers, etc. an assigning geographical and spatial context information to that data...

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