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About the roles of the different ANDATA-Tools within Scenario Management

by Andreas Kuhn

One of ANDATA's core competences is the scenario management for the development and validation of control algorithms for cooperative, connected, automated driving and traffic automation. The following table lists the different ANDATA tools and their tasks within the scenario management according the given definitions.

Software Tasks
  • Scenario generation
  • Administration and parametrization of the scenarios
  • Execution of the simulations and generation of specific cases
  • Execution of action assumption and incremental probabilistic simulation
  • Collection of scenario data and cases from
    • simulations
    • tests
    • real world observations
  • Labeling, parametrization and definition of attributes for the data
  • Specification of classification requirements for the algorithms
  • Specification and preparation of signals and sensor models
  • Definition and evaluation of perturbation models for robustness management
  • Feature engineering and extraction
  • Anomaly and incident detection in scenario data and simulations
  • Plausibilization and quality management of scenario data and simulations
  • Training and validation of functional models and algorithms
  • Scenario Mining
  • Evaluation and identification of the representativeness of the scenario data
  • Identification of relevant and representative scenarios

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