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Software Release Notes 4.34


To make ANDATA tools better for our customers, we aim for continuous and regular releases. Every update of our tools includes improvements for speed and reliability, as well as many user requests arising from our Support process or direct contact with our customers. As usual, the tool documentation has been thoroughly reviewed and updated. User Guides for StipulatorBrainerMapper and Expectator include now the newest features.

In the following we list the most significant new features introduced and issues fixed in this release with respect to version 4.33.


  • Added check for availability of source files. A threaded process starts when opening a Stipulator file, checks if source files are available and provides the user with feedback about any one of them missing. Please check section "Stipulator Cases / Sources / Check file existence" in Stipulator User Guide (available through menu Help > Manual) for more information.
  • Added a new sub-menu Cases > Sources that collects several new and existing functions related to source file management. The old menu item Cases > Change path... is now available through Cases > Sources > Change paths...
  • Added search option in Groups > Edit... dialog.
  • Support color by group and by category on Analysis > Plot attributes > Matrixplot.
  • New exact match mode for Cases > Select > by name... and Cases > Search... if the search string is enclosed by double quotes ("). Additionally, the latest query for this search string is remembered.
  • Support Excel 2007+ format (.xlsx) on Stipulator export.
  • Speed-up on internal command logging.
  • Fixed issue with search strings in reference channels and attributes being automatically split when containing white spaces. Search strings containing white spaces must be enclosed by double quotes (").
  • Fixed issue when saving a figure generated by Analysis > Plot attributes > Scatter.
  • Fixed issues with copying and pasting case descriptions.
  • Fixed issues with clearing Java objects related to Stipulator.
  • Fixed issue with Analysis > Plot attributes > Boxplot when color by category is chosen.
  • Fixed issues with Signals > Find defaults when using search mode "Search string is included in channel name".
  • Fixed issue with creating a new attribute with the name of an already existing column.
  • Fixed missing refresh of Stipulator GUI when interacting with categorical attributes.
  • Fixed issue with signal processing potentially generating wrong action channels.


  • Added support for Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks.
  • Model description given by the user in Models > Training settings shown in all post processing functions.
  • Added an option to use Brainer without a GUI (for use with Apps using Brainer in the background).
  • Fixed issue when importing data to an existing Brainer file with new data blocks and a different set of parameters.
  • Fixed issue with Extras > Feature selection > Filter method selection when no input transformations are defined.
  • Fixed issue with Brainer main figure not showing the name of the loaded file.
  • Package +modeltype moved to Misc-Toolbox.


  • Fixed issue with maps being randomly flipped when plotting them more than once.
  • Fixed issue with inconsistent coloring of neurons when plotting overlapping groups.
  • Fixed issues with training Markov chains not working on Kohonen SOMs.


  • Updated description of Stipulator menu Extensions > Expectator > Edit expectations... in Expectator User Guide (available through menu Help > Manual).
  • Fixed issue with '+' button in "Channel tags" wrongly adding a new item to "Data types".


  • Significant speed up in filter functions ssholdmax and ssholdmin by using a C-based precompiled implementation by default.
  • Consistent use of MATLAB assert function throughout all tools.
  • Added option to read data matrices exported by older versions of Brainer.
  • Fixed issue with progress bar windows not displaying all details when Windows fonts are set to 125% DPI.
  • Fixed issue with filter function ssderiv not processing empty channels consistently.

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