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Software Release Notes 4.8

by Toni Palau

The ANDATA Midsummer Release 2021 is focused on two main topics: increasing computation speed in Brainer post processing and bringing forward support for multiple source files per case in Stipulator.

A significant effort has been devoted to speeding up post processing operations in Brainer. This applies to both plots and calculation of performances. Most speed improvements have been applied to Brainer's post processing engine (PostProcessor). Since this engine is also used in several customer-specific apps, these will benefit from the achieved performance improvements as well.

On the other hand, the announced support for multiple source files per case in Stipulator has reached a first milestone in that under-the-hood adjustments to the data structures are included with this release. Stipulator users will experience no differences yet. Nevertheless, the changes introduced will allow deployment of these new features in selected environments (e.g. for customer and application specific apps).

The following list presents the most relevant changes in our tools released with version 4.8.

  • Stipulator
    • (STP-572) Internal data structure changes in order to support multiple source files per case. Check for details.
    • (STP-703 / SI-274) A new behavior has been introduced when using Attributes > Links > Open...: now all link attributes (for example, images) from the selected cases are shown in a list dialog, where they can be selected and opened.
    • (STP-690) Resolved an issue with Stipulator main window getting focus and moving in front of other plot figures.
    • (STP-705) The plot in Analysis > Cases > Count... provides correct results now even when some cases are hidden in the main GUI.
    • (STP-693) If an optional reading expression for a case file is defined, it is now ensured that this is taken into account in all relevant calls.
    • (STP-670) When pasting cases with Cases > Paste, there is now the possibility to skip creating groups that would remain empty.
    • (STP-721) Resolved an issue with button "Add search strings..." in dialog "Edit case" sometimes not working as expected.
  • Brainer / PostProcessor
    • (BRN-502) Resolved an issue with target values not being correctly transformed before training if option "Apply post transformation" was not enabled in Brainer's main GUI.
    • (BRN-505) Resolved an issue that prevented a correct training if a categorical variable was included in the input vector.
    • (BRN-506) A list of model types that admit more than one target parameter in training has been added to the Brainer User Guide.
    • (MISC-230 / SI-270) Resolved an issue with property preTrans being set wrong for model type FusionEnsemble.
    • (MISC-231 / SI-254) Avoid unnecessary calculation of model or group performance in CDF plot.
    • (DM-59 / SI-254) Speed-up calculation of input perturbations to be used in post processing.
    • (MISC-234 / SI-275) Speed-up calculation of data block performances.
    • (BRN-482 / SI-275) Speed-up calculation of group performances, especially when having a large number of groups.
    • (MISC-199 / SI-254) Speed-up calculation of case-based and region-based classification performances.
    • (MISC-243) Compute data block, model or group performances only when they are needed for the computation of a derived performance.
  • Expectator
    • (EXP-364, EXP-365 / SI-283) Resolved an issue with expectation BooleanExpression loosing configuration when modifying attribute aliases.
    • (EXP-353) Support keywords -Inf and Inf to define a time interval that adapts itself to each signal's domain in expectation SignalBand.
    • (EXP-354) Resolved an issue with expectation SignalBand not accepting a single data point.
    • (EXP-355) Expectation ScalarWithinInterval now provides more detailed information about an expectation failure when used on a vector attribute.
  • General
    • (SST-165) Resolved an issue with function ssarith not correctly identifying channels containing non-equidistant time sampled data.
    • (SST-166) Added the possibility to generate a scalar "channel" with ssattr2chn even when no other channels are present in the signal structure.
    • (MISC-232) Utility function zohInterpolation for zero-order hold interpolation now preserves row and/or column of its input argument.
    • (MISC-241, MISC-242) Resolved an issue with group index vector being incorrectly transposed after an import or paste operation on groups.
    • (ALL-256) All tools look for a valid key in all ANDATA license files found in MATLAB path. There is no need to ensure a certain order in this path any more.

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