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Stipulator - Multiple data sources per case

by Markus Lauterbacher

Stipulator is designed to read time series data from arbitrary data formats. The "readers" for MATLAB structures, CSV files and various other file formats for sensor signal data are already included. Custom data format specific readers can be integrated. With the current concept, the signal data for one case in Stipulator (load case) must originate from one single source file.

This one-to-one correspondence is now being expanded for the upcoming Stipulator versions. We have started to adapt Stipulator in such a way that the data for each case may be supplied by several readers, and thus by several source files. In this way, there is no need to adapt existing readers.

Scheme for multiple sources per case

An example application is the joint processing and preparation of parallel measurements from different recording systems. For example, the measurements of internal sensors and bus data recordings on a vehicle can be easily combined and merged with additional external measurement systems on the vehicle.

We see this extension as an important milestone to generalize and simplify the data in Stipulator and to simplify the merging of complex, distributed data sets.

Do you have requirements or use cases in this context? We look forward to your input and suggestions via or the support form, so that we can take them into account in the ongoing developments.

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