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Stipulator - Multiple data sources per case II


Last fall we announced some fundamental changes to Stipulator cases. The goal is that a Stipulator case can reference to more than one file to read data, instead of exactly one file per case as before. The upcoming spring release will include initial under-the-hood adjustments to the data structures needed to achieve this. This will allow us to already use the new features in selected environments (e.g. for customer and application specific apps).

Scheme for multiple sources per case

Developers of extensions and apps for Stipulator are encouraged to make minor adjustments to interfaces where necessary. The data structures .cases and .refData are affected by the aforementioned changes, as well as interface functions that access these structures.

For the time being, Stipulator users will experience no differences or disadvantages because of these changes. On the contrary, some positive side effects have been achieved thanks to the redesigned data structures. Even without optimization settings, Stipulator projects are now loaded up to 20% faster, saved twice as fast and require up to 20% less memory.

At the moment we are working on new import functions as well as on the adaptation of the user interfaces in order to release and roll out the feature to all users step by step and in a secured way.

We are pleased to offer new possibilities and significant enhancements in data and scenario management with this important feature and are already excited about the applications that will result from it. We are happy to support you in identifying whether and which adaptations are necesary in your extensions and apps or which use cases will benefit the most from these new possibilities.

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