Traffic Automation

If the introduction of automated driving should really lead to significant improvements in traffic and safety, then traffic control and management must be redengineered and automated as well. For that ANDATA delivers the technological framework and a construction kit with modular building blocks in form of VERONET, which revolutionises traffic control and management for "intelligent" control in accordance to the new possibilities from connected and automated driving.

Solution Modules

VERONET Vehicle Control VERONET Traffic Node Control VERONET Traffic Line Control VERONET Traffic Net Control VERONET Virtual Sensors VERONET Traffic and Pollution Prediction VERONET Incident Detection VERONET Scenario Management VERONET System Rating


From the technological perspective VERONET is composed of

  • a decentralized, subsidiary, modular control architecture
    • to reduce overall system complexity,
    • to reduce the necessary amount of data dramatically,
    • to improve system robustness
  • with artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches
    • for pragmatic identification and performant prediction of traffic situations and
    • for best possible functionality in model-based, predictive, adaptive control and
  • the application of scenario based approaches with according stochastic simulation procedures
    • for conform, example based representation of the requirements,
    • for effective and efficient system development and
    • for dedicated and comprehensive robustness management.

Features & Advantages

  • Adaptivity: VERONET is designed to be adaptive, including the possibility to be adjusted extremely quick to new traffic situation or even being self-adaptive.
  • Openness: VERONET is open for any kind of data and information for identification and prediction of traffic situations and conditions as well as for arbitrary actions in traffic control, traffic management and automated, connected mobility.
  • Functionality: VERONET is equipped with the best mathematics for an optimal control to fulfil the targets in the best possible way.
  • Conformity: VERONET is supported by a requirement driven, conform process model. Legacy systems can be integrated in a conform and flexible way to assure migrative and non-disruptive deployment and implementation strategies.
  • Scalability: VERONET delivers unlimited scalability for controlling traffic networks of arbitrary size.


The different elements of the VERONET construction kit and building blocks have been developed within various reseach and development projects. They are steadily improved within further activities.

Parts of VERONET's development have been funded by



The first comprehensive application will be done within the project

Further details and information about implementations can be found at the webside or requested from