Geometric Operations Toolbox

The Geometric Operations Toolbox is an extension of the Signal Structure Toolbox to integrate more complex data structures with temporal changes. Thus, not only scalar and vectorial time series can be processed, but also mesh-like, graph-like and geometric data or vectorized geometries with temporal changes.

  • Purpose
  • Features
  • Architecture

The Geometric Operations Toolbox forms the technical foundament and the uniform basic functions,


  • Core entities
    • dynamic geometry (nodes, elements, displacements)
    • static and dynamic selections
    • geometrically referenced static and dynamic data
    • (hierarchical) groupings and partitioning
    • regions (Eulerian view of motion)
    • sequences
    • trajectories
    • transformations
  • Core functionalities
    • numerous selection modes
    • set operations
    • statistical aggregations
    • conversions of any geometrically referenced quantities and entities
    • geometric feature recognition methods
    • Identification and classification of components and parts
    • custom entities and data
    • visualization
    • model and geometry manipulations
    • normalization of geometric objects
    • difference calculation and metrics between different objects
    • difference calculation of different images of a geometric object (for example, comparison of scan and reference geometry from CAD)
    • ...

The Geometric Operations Toolbox is an extension of the

and cannot be operated without this.

Furthermore, the Geometric Operations Toolbox forms the fundament and technical base for the

which specialize the Geometric Operations Toolbox in a specific field of application and extend it with topic-specific functionalities.

The toolbox can be used in the SignalProcessing of Stipulator and Expectator. Therefore, it is seamlessly integrated into those and thus targets and features can also be prepared for our AI tools Brainer and Mapper.

It should be noted that the toolbox is divided into two interfaces. Using the Engineering Interface, a toolbox user can create medium-complex processing via SignalProcessing. Via the developer interface, experts can develop solutions for highly complex tasks and make them available in the form of scripts, signal processing and extensions as customizations.