Integral Development Process

One of ANDATA's main products is a data driven, integral development process, which can be seen as a "production lane" for the technical development of complex systems and functions based on scenario management. The process covers the whole range from raw product idea via functional prototypes to the product being ready for production as well as the steady product improvement and active learning procedures from experience within operation.


The development process mainly comprises following technologies, which are skillfully combined and seemlessly integrated:

  • a strictly requirement driven and controlled iterative process model (agile process model),
  • the example and data based representation of the functional system requirements, amongst others by stochastic simulation (scenario and data based approach),
  • the usage of example and data based models like modern Machine Learning and SoftComputing approaches (AI based functional development).

This means that ANDATA's approach for development and validation is primarily based on simulation based, virtual development procedures in combination with data based modeling and a strict, iterative process model.

Advantages & Features

  • strictly requirements driven
  • controlled iterative
  • intregral, interconnected and holistic
  • archicture centric (system-of-systems thiniking)
  • data driven
  • extensively virtual
  • effective and efficient


The development process and the underlying methods are generic and modular. It has been validated and refined with the help of numerous applications.


Tools and Software

The execution is fully supported by accompanying software tools. It can be adapted easily without big effort to arbitrary customer specific demands.