Time Series Prediction

Time series prediction - just like sensor signal classification - is a core component for any kind of "intelligent system". Every intelligent action implies the prediction and assessment of possible future states for the deduction and selection of the best appropriate actions.


Machine learning methods are best suited for this, because they are efficient in design and robust in operation and they provide the best functionality.

Application Examples

Exemplary fields of application are

  • the estimation of the danger of a driving situation in "intelligent" vehicles,
  • the prediction of traffic loads,
  • the fusion of sensor data for improved and safe-guarded information,
  • the prediction of economic and financial data, indices, and rates,
  • the prediction of environmental loads,
  • the prediction of the energy consumption of buildings, cities, regions, e.g. for the control of power plants,
  • the prediction of material and component loads,
  • ...


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