Smart Cities

The fulfilment of the requirements for modern cities with respect to climate, energy, mobility, and sustainability can hardly be met purely by conventional planning methods anymore. Moreover, it is not expected that any single breakthrough innovation will solve the enormous challenges as an individual measure.

Instead, a "smart city" requires, in addition to the switch to climate-friendly forms of energy, above all

  • a coordinated regulation and the active, "intelligent" management of the various measures

from the domains of mobility, energy and sustainable resource use.


are the methods of choice here to orchestrate the respective measures in a targeted manner and at the same time avoid surprising and difficult rebound effects.

Solutions, Systems and Components

ANDATA's contributions to the topic are manifold.

  • VERONET provides a comprehensive approach to the "intelligent" control of traffic for an optimized utilization of the traffic infrastructure as well as for a combined control of energy and electro mobility.
  • VERONET provides a self-organized, automated traffic management for small and medium cities.
  • Prediction models for traffic, energy, pollution, and general resource demand allow the use of predictive control strategies.
  • Early enough and automated anomalies, incidents and change detection enables the in time execution of according countermeasures and the identification of beginning rebound effects.
  • The control of futures assisted and automated, connected vehicles enable a more frictionless and fluent traffic ("cars not producing accidents avoid a source of congestions").
  • Digital twins, for example, of a city's transport system provide precise identification and formulations of system dependecies and networked, interconnected understanding as the basis for valid decisions in the control and management of the resource-saving mobility of the future.


ANDATA is one of the main inventors and pioneers for data-based traffic control and automated, self-organized traffic management by the use of AI methods with various patents in the field.

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