From stationary industrial robots to autonomous, mobile robots, the range of applications for Computational Intelligence in the field of robotics is enumerous. Typical exemplary tasks are

  • concept design and optimization of mechanical components,
  • selection of the best suited sensors with respect to the given task and missions,
  • automated mission planing,
  • identification and interpretation/classification of the surroundings and the environmetal situation with help of appropriate sensor signals,
  • identification and selection of the appropriate actions and control strategies (offline or online),
  • control of the robot motion,
  • control of the tools and instruments,
  • classification of objects and tools,
  • (self) diagnosis and detection/prediction of critical system states,
  • adaptive adjustment to changing environmental situations or operational states,
  • systematic collection of relevant operational states and operational scenarios,
  • ...

A further technology example in the field of robotics is the usage of Swarm Intelligence for the cooperative coordination of mobile robots, similar like it is done for traffic control in VERONET.

Modules and Services

ANDATA has a lot of ready-made components and modules, which can be assembled and extended for specific customer needs and new applications easily.

These are embedded into the requirement driven and scenario based development process for a quick development, calibration, rating and adaption.


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